Thursday, July 8, 2010

Remember When Someone Read a Book To You?

I love reading.  Always have.  My students struggle with reading and it is often a chore for them.  One program I have used and loved is Reading A-Z.  Reading A-Z is a pay site that has leveled readers to be downloaded and copied, worksheets, comprehension quizzes, projectable books and materials etc.  GREAT resources! They have a sister site called RAZ -Kids. RAZ-KIDS is also a pay site.  RAZ-KIDS offers leveled readers online that can be read aloud with highlighted words, has a comprehension quiz, allows students to read without sound, and as an incentive kids can earn points for passing the quizzes. As a teacher, you assign your students passwords, so they can even access this from their home computer. It keeps record of the books read and quizzes passed so you can see the progress.  Another great resource!  I have used these both to supplement my reading program.

I have come upon a similar FREE site that has a collection of primary level books that will read the book aloud while highlighting the word.  The books can also be personalized with familiar names or silly names if you choose.  MEEGENIUS ( ) is a great little library of books that can be used with new readers, early readers, struggling readers, or anyone who would like to have a book read to them.  It doesn't have the recordkeeping that Raz-kids has, which is part of why the latter is a paysite, but it can be a great supplement to your reading program.  Check it out!