Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Common Core Curriculum Maps

Common Core Curriculum Maps ( ) is a project funded by Melinda and Bill Gates to give teachers some resources, ideas, and activities to use to meet the K-12 Common Core State Standards.  The FREE maps were created by teachers and provide a great groundwork for teachers to plan activities and lessons that will cover their objectives thematically.  The maps list objectives that would most likely be covered, lesson ideas, fiction and non-fiction book resources, and cross-curricular ideas to get the most out of your teaching time. Educators can use these maps to plan out their curriculum timeline and create lesson plans.  It is not a curriculum in itself, but provides a fantastic map of resources to make planning easier.  The website says that they are in the process of revising the maps and will have a newer version soon. 
**NOTE - I received a comment letting me know the link was bad.  When I investigated I found that there is a new edition.  First edition is still free and 2nd edition is paid subscription.  I updated the link to take you to the free resources but please note the 2nd also.  8/13/11