Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teaching about Money: Earning, Saving, Spending for elementary

Check out Planet Orange for activities on teaching about money:  from earning and saving, to spending and credit.  There are both online and offline activities.  Teachers can download a large activity book (pdf) and lesson plans for grades 1-7.  You can even request hardcopies from ING with a phone number in the front of the book.    The activity book and the website are developed by ING DIRECT.  Vocabulary building and money math activities are seen throughout the lessons, as well as reading for information and problem-solving.  It's a great FREE resource with great ways for kids to learn about money. On the Teacher Resource page, teachers can look up lessons and related state standards to use while lesson planning.
There is a parent permission slip to register kids to use the website (either in school or at home).  For the online activities, the characters talk, but captions are provided.  An online dictionary of important vocabulary is provided that students can click on to get more information about a word they don't know.  Children earn money for completing the online activities and spend money to travel to the different activities.Online activities could be done as an interactive whiteboard activity if you wish. Or you could provide this as an at-home activity suggestion to parents.

Online, students travel to different places and learn about money by reading and/or listening to the information. Of course, they will need to spend money on purchasing fuel! Students earn Obux for completing the lesson and in each section there is a comprehension quiz.  Students may take on jobs to earn more money to continue their travels.  They may also spend some money on games, decorations, or even a robot pet.

This site offers lots of neat activities and resources for teachers about something that everyone needs to learn about.. MONEY!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

And she's back!

I know it's been a couple months, but I'm back and ready to share more things that I have found around the web.  Check out the Lawrence Hall of Science Kids Site for some great activities and teacher resources for Science.  Very Cool!   While looking for interactives and activities for the Living Things Unit, I also found Animal Planet has a lot a great resources for students and teachers.  Be sure to check under the Wild Animals A-Z for great info for teaching.  More coming! 

I have been busy with our local CUE affiliate for the past couple months, working on our 2nd annual Kern CUE Technology Conference that we held in November.  If you are an educator interested in using technology, check out the websites.

My class has also been fundraising to attend Camp KEEP (Kern Environmental Education Program)  We will be going to stay at Camp KEEP Ocean next week and learning great things about the environment and the living things in it. 

I have been trying to catch up on my list of online resources, so more to come!
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 - May it find you and your family happy, healthy, and prosperous! Share/Bookmark